Hello! I’m Pippin, a story loving blogger-writer-thing based in Dorset, south-west England – a little corner of the world that’s a beautiful blend of rural and urban, land and sea, wild and tame, and which I feel very lucky to call home.

Pippin comes from the nickname my mum gave me when I was little – after the blossom of the apple tree at the bottom of our tumbledown garden, not the hobbit (although I definitely wouldn’t mind if I had been nicknamed after that Pippin). My everyday name is Jo – I just like to use Pippin for my writing because I find that it helps me to separate my writer’s brain from my super self-conscious everyday brain. You’re welcome to call me by either, though!

I’ve been writing stories – big, small, made up, and real – ever since I first cracked the surprisingly tricky art of getting a sentence down onto paper with all the letters facing in the right direction, sometime in first school.

I like all kinds of stories, but particularly love old mythologies, fairytales, folklore, fantasy, and ghost stories.

This blog is for sharing the things that capture and sometimes come from my imagination.

Maybe *crosses fingers* they might capture yours too…

e-mail: pippincorbet@gmail.com

instagram: @pippincorbet

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